Boxers, Or Briefs?

“Boxers, or Briefs?” Well, that wasn’t exactly the response I anticipated when I told a co-worker that I wore men’s underwear.

“Briefs, the shorty kind”, I answered, after all she did ask, and I was to flummoxed to come back with any kind of retort other than the truth.

It was there that the conversation organically came to end.  Not because of the material we were discussing, more like, we should be doing some work not talking about our underwear.  I’d also like to add that this isn’t the conversation that Playboy or like envision when they picture women discussing their underwear.

I prefer to wear men’s underwear for one simple reason.  Comfort – seriously they have the female market beat and begging for mercy when it comes to comfort.  My secondary reason is price.  By and large men’s underwear – and I’m not talking your fancy Calvin Klein/Armani branded fare, just your bog-standard brands you find at your local K-Mart or Target – are approximately half the price of their women’s counterparts.  Just to be clear, if comfort weren’t a factor, I wouldn’t bother with men’s undies simply for the price – when it comes to underwear, comfort trumps all.

Some of you may be inclined to think that, if you are a women, that women’s underwear will be more comfortable for you because, you know, they make it for women’s bodies.  But think about, women come in shapes and sizes, some petite, some fat, some tall, some short, some with wide hips, some with slim thighs – the list goes on.  Women’s underwear manufacturers do indeed make underwear for women’s bodies – unfortunately, only a certain type of body.  That body is not mine, it’s likely not yours either.  Men’s manufacturers on the other hand don’t have nearly as many body policing agendas to push and so a wider range or variety, styles and cuts is available.  Men’s underwear is primarily about comfort, women’s underwear is primarily about being ‘sexy’.  And a narrow definition of sexy it is.

On the one hand it sucks that as a female I am having the ‘sexy underwear at all times’ agenda shoved down my throat.  On the other, I am very privileged that I can make that choice to wear men’s underwear and not have it be an issue.  I can tell a co-worker and it will go no further, it won’t be a point of gossip (to clarify, this isn’t due to the good nature of the co-worker in question).  But turn this situation around.  If a man were to reveal that he preferred to wear women’s underwear for comfort, he wouldn’t be met with the “Really, g-strings or bikini-cut” question.  He would likely be reported to HR, gossiped about, called a sexual deviant, in severe cases harassed and bullied, and that’s even if he were bold enough to reveal that in the first place – which is unlikely.

I offer no solution to this situation.  Except to add once again that comfort trumps all!

Well, it should at least be the standard to which adhere to most of the time.  I’m looking at you Dita Von Teese.


8 thoughts on “Boxers, Or Briefs?

  1. ha! My favourite pair of panties (yes, I call them panties) is by Juicy Couture – they look like a 1960s bikini bottom – very boy/girl style. Very comfortable. Unfortunately, the lines show when I’m wearing cute dresses and yoga pants – so in those instances, I go completely without panties because thongs are so disgusting to me. The end! 🙂

    • I don’t think I have worn a thong since I was a teenager – when it was all cool to wear totally uncomfortable underwear. I need full coverage – not something that my gastroenterologist will find at my next colonoscopy.

  2. What’s wrong with men’s undies?

    They are certainly comfy!

    I tend to buy boxers to just wear around the house…

    I also – on the flipside – wear super romantic underwear sets (courtesy of my workplace — Anthropologie), but that’s because I’m a romantic… and it makes me feel good inside.

    • I think it’s great that women can have a draw full of whatever fits their needs. Sometimes you need a bit of ‘sexy time’ underwear, sometimes you need cotton panties that come up to you bra line bridget jones style. I just wish there was less of a gender divide.

  3. Nice to see you not giving a damn and buying what works for you. Personally I’m a fan of boxer briefs. Seriously they are the most comfortable cut. Briefs hug on my boy parts too much and my (thunder) thighs don’t like boxers. Boxer briefs are, for my body, literally the bet of both worlds.

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