Blog Stats: How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I loathe the to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

Now with 100% more country stats!  Oh, can I please have more ways to confirm that no one is reading?  Please, my ego isn’t fragile enough, but I definitely need more ways to categorize the handful of people reading this drivel.  I loathe blog stats.  Despise them, yet I am addicted to refreshing that page.  I’m undoubtedly admitting a habit that many bloggers share.  I am obsessed with watching that little graph.  When I post something I become a women possessed.  I will constantly be refreshing my WordPress iPhone app to see when people read it.  If that number moves, I then immediately check my email to see if any other bloggers ‘like’ my post – or better yet, comment!

My views are never enough for me.  No matter how ‘clicks’ I get per day, which isn’t many, it is never enough.  I’m never satisfied.  I wouldn’t go as far to say it ruins my day, but since I started blogging it is constantly on my mind.  It is probably safe to assume that when you log on your computer for the first time that day you have a little routine of internet-y places you visit.  Everyone’s is slightly different, but mine used to go Facebook, Email, Get Off My Internets, then finally Daily Mail (It pains me a little to list this one, especially given my degree in journalism).  Since I started blogging however my first stop is now the WordPress stats page, which I will generally leave open in order refresh with alarming frequency.

Since I have a little time on my hands lately (READ: unemployed) I decided to sit down and try and maximize my page views.  WordPress actually have a section with tips to increase your readership.  Obviously, social networking is a big part of that, so I spent sometime creating a Facebook page and Tumblr account.  Commenting and liking other blogs is also recommended, but to be honest I barely have enough time to comment on the blogs I already follow let alone trying to add more for ‘clicks’ sake.  I also started posting to Reddit and StumbleUpon.  This gave my page views a major boost.  You’d think I’d be happy, or at least happier.  You would be wrong.

I got what I wanted but it was a hollow victory.

I essentially, kind of, spammed Reddit with a few of what I consider my better blog posts.  My stats definitely jumped, but I didn’t get one single ‘like’, follow or comment.  I had no idea what these new readers thought – I got more views but no extra feedback.  It quite honestly sucked.  On the second day of sky-rocketing page views I realized that I was no better off having more views if no one was engaging with me.  Its not as if I generate ad revenue from page clicks, so all these extra ‘readers’ are no better than bots.  In fact, a large percentage probably were bots.

During my very regular stats-refresh-email-check dance I actually got a comment.  It was from the very lovely notthesinger who had nominated me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’.  To say I was chuffed is an understatement.  Notthesinger said it best,

I’m pretty thrilled to know someone out there is taking the time to read my blog, let alone be entertained or at the very most inspired by it! So cool!

Indeed, so cool!  Because that’s what I wanted.  I wanted someone to read and maybe identify with my writing – not page views.  When I was getting only a few pages views per day at least they were corresponding with a new follower, comment or ‘like’.  When I was getting hundreds with no feed back it was a hollow victory.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Awards season just starts earlier and earlier each year

“This is a blog written with such wit and honesty that I look forward to each and every post. It covers the reality of everyday living- the struggles, the heartaches and the small joys that are enough to make us all feel a little triumphant.”  Notthesinger about my blog,

Accepting this award comes with some strings attached, they are:

  1. Display the award logo somewhere on the blog. 
  2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
  5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Seven things about me…

  1. My name is not Ryn Lee, its a pseudonym based upon my name so I can blog with a reasonable amount of anonymity.
  2. I love Spongebob Squarepans – I find his humor irreverent.
  3. My Mother left my family about 15 years ago, haven’t heard from her since.
  4. My two star crushes are Quentin Tarantino and Stephen Merchant.  They have brains I want to fuck.
  5. I haven’t had a hair cut for about 2 years, I just can’t be bothered and I hate sitting there making chit chat.
  6. I have an almost inappropriate amount of love for all cats and dogs.  I actually miss my cats when I leave the house, and if I see a cat or dog when I’m out I will go mental.
  7. My nickname is Spoons, and my favorite food (this chilli and onion roll from my local bakery) is called ‘Spoon crack’ – only by me and my boyfriend, I don’t very well walk up to the counter and order spoon crack.

My Nominees for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are… *drum roll please*…

  • nailsbails – Such a funny guy, very much related to his post ‘If Not Meow, When?’, if you have a cat you will too.  Plus he does original drawings to go with each post.
  • Organised Chaos – Absolutely beautiful poetry, she has never posted anything I don’t adore.  Plus she is all around lovely.
  • faithandmeow – Fiona writes with such grace about horrific incidents in her life.  Yet she still possesses such spirit, so while it may be harrowing to read sometimes you can see she has truly come a long way.  The only way is up for Fiona (and her cat Shalimar).
  • The Byronic Man – He is so funny, and such a gent to interact with.  Plus he looks like McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy, so there’s that.
  • – The best advice on the internet.  So many times I’ll read a question and think ‘how in the hell would I respond to that’, then the Captain and her crew just pull it out of the bag with their unfailing logic.

Okay, so I couldn’t quite do 15, I however reserve the right to add to this list in the future.  Only once during the writing of this did I refresh my stats.  Improvement.

How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barret Browning – excerpt adapted slightly, changes are my own.  The original is quite beautiful, if you aren’t familiar I suggest you take a gander here.


25 thoughts on “Blog Stats: How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

  1. Thanks, lady! I don’t have time to do the steps required by the reward, so please nominate someone who can take better advantage. But I’m flattered and pleased that you like the site.

  2. Thank you, my sweet! I am flattered beyond words… Your posts never go unnoticed by me, that’s for sure. You are amazing!

    • I only hate them because I get so obsessed with checking them. It defeats the purpose of blogging if you’re only interested in clicks. When I posted a few things to reddit I got heaps of views from other countries I didn’t normally target which is very cool – even if they were just from bots 😦

  3. I’m really flattered, thank you! I think your writing is definitely something the majority of us can really relate to, and maybe it’s that there isn’t much to add sometimes, you said it all. It is a bit.. strange.. to think that people have been and gone silently though.
    I found when I did my last password protected post it brought a heap of lurkers out of the woodwork 😉
    I also find reading the search terms used eye opening.. I’m scratching my head today about ‘grow some balls and say it to my face’ (someone put that into google? And hit my blog? Weird. And then there is ‘success carrot.’ I wonder if that’s a magical snack food that makes one successful apon consumption?
    Anyway, I’ve added you to my blogroll, so maybe your stats might rise a teeny bit from that. Mine went through the roof thanks to a certain unnamed blogger! (See, there are positives to be found in everything) 😉
    Hope everything is going okay for you, thanks again 🙂 xx

    • Ha! Success carrot! People are weird. I get some VERY odd search terms myself. Also the other day I got an email wanting a quote for 650 sets of bathroom linen for a hotel in China. Very strange. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll, very nice of you.

      Things have been going quite well actually. I am so much less stressed since losing my job. I really had no idea how much crap had accumulated in there. But last week was good. Made an effort to get out and about in the world which is a good thing. Although now I have to deal with the dreaded centrelink *shudders*. I’m sure you are a seasoned pro by now. I called them at 8am last Monday and was on hold for 25 minutes! I may be unemployed but I have things to do dammit!

      • Maybe losing your job was meant to be, then – not only a life change, but to stop you imploding further down the line! Glad it’s okay. Centrelink.. sometimes I think they have some hidden code of practice somewhere, the REAL code of practice, which includes lines like “make customers WAIT for their service and then throw so many obstacles in their way, that they not only vow to get a job to avoid us, but they know to appreciate every dang cent they get from us” They have to be THE most annoying agency. I’ve heard of a musical about them.. .

      • The wait was pretty unnecessary, then every so often a voice recognition service would ask some questions so you thought you were progressing in the queue. I have a scheduled phone interview tomorrow, I have checked and double checked I have everything I need for it. I’m not sure how many steps there are in this process, I’ll just try to make sure I have everything and ALWAYS ask for a call receipt and the name of the person I speak too.

        Losing my job was undoubtedly meant to be. I am so much easier going at the moment, although perhaps dealing with centrelink will beat that out me. I’m sure it will be fine, thousands of people everyday deal with them. I may have different perspective by tomorrow afternoon though 🙂

      • good luck!! hopefully it will be a good short process. I think part of their bad attitude could come down from having to deal with customer’s bad attitude and failure to prepare anything they should have. Seeing some of the crap that goes on in my local office.. I cant’ blame them. So hopefully they will be pleasantly surprised to deal with a customer who cared enough to be prepared and reward you with good service 🙂

  4. I tried StumbleUpon briefly, as well. It’s such a hollow victory. Plus, it never led to more – I got exactly what I paid for, but no additional reads, or subscribers.

    Then, of course, there’s the fact that it makes your other days look pathetic.

    And the voice of SpongeBob is Tom Kenny, who is brilliant and was on Mr. Show, which brilliant, therefore: SpongeBob is at least part-brilliant.

    • Exactly, it gives those posts an unnecessary boost with no extra feedback or interaction. Its a cold comfort when you are only interested in some arbitrary number being higher.

      Didn’t Tom Kenny also do the voice of Rocco on Rocco’s Modern Life. I liked that show, might have to watch it on youtube. I love cartoons, they are so relaxing, you can put them on and just pay attention at your leisure. They never leave you on a cliffhanger, except maybe with ‘who shot Mr Burns’.

  5. I also thought StumbleUpon would get me lots of new readers, but like you say, it got me a fairly large amount of page views but no interaction whatsoever. It took me almost a year to come to terms with my blog’s relative lack of popularity – and I’ve only been blogging for just over a year. Now I’m cool with it. I’m happy with having a few people who read and comment and are generally awesome.

    I really enjoy the country stats. It’s fun to be able to say ‘I blogged about pasta and lots of Russians read it, then I blogged about vintage dresses and the people of Saudi Arabia loved it’.

    For what it’s worth I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Yes, I agree the country stats are kind of fun. Before stumbleupon my views came from the US, UK, and occasionally Canada or Australia, but since then they are all over the shop. Makes the map look pretty.

      I think if you blog, you want people to read, it’s natural. I don’t want to care about the constant hunt for more views – but I do. To be honest, I’m pretty thrilled with the readers I have. There is nothing more exciting than when someone with a blog you love likes yours as well. I like your blog too, it’s very eclectic. Plus it’s just cool interacting with someone you feel as if you know, but have never met.

  6. This post said quite a few things about that Stat page I wish I’d thought of. Stephen Merchant would almost certainly be delighted to hear of a lady’s romantic attention directed his way; have you seen his stand-up DVD? It’s all about his failed search for a wife.

    Also: F is for friends who do stuff together…

    • U is for uranium, bombs. Oh wait that was Plankton. I am so glad I am not the only adult Spongebob fan.

      I do love Steve, I actually have not idea why he can’t find someone. I haven’t seen his DVD, but I saw him promoting his tour of Graham Norton a while ago. He was hopeful some women would show up in wedding dresses. He is such a doll.

      I can’t let go of my blog stats. I want to be all cavalier and act like I don’t check them every waking minute, but I do. I feel like Homer Simpson when he made a website and no one visited. There are virtual tumble-weeds blowing across my stats page.

      • I hope I never get too mature to stop enjoying Spongebob. F.U.N. and Ripped Pants are belters, and you can sing Best Day Ever on Rock Band.

        I was lucky enough to see the show live, and it was truly exceptional. If you can get a hold of his DVD I’d recommend it. Loathe as I am to shamelessly plug myself, I blogged about it here:

        Nothing helps your self esteem like attaching a number to it and having it plotted on a graph for your convenience…

      • Plug away! By all means. I am so jealous you actually saw him live. I thought I was going to be in Britain around the time his tour started but it just didn’t pan out.

        I just cancelled my StumbleUpon and now my stats have dropped back down 😦 sad face. But you can’t have everything.

        And, barring a stroke, I can’t see how I’ll ‘grow out’ of Spongebob. I am a big fan of the ‘Campfire song song’, especially the way Patrick sings it. That’s how I sound singing most songs, most of the time.

  7. I hate blog stats too. And I hate the face that looking at yours is making me jealous – the most pageviews I’ve ever had in one day is 67!

    • Well I’m glad I’m making someone jealous. Truth be told, they only jumped that high after all my stumbleupon/reddit malarkey, I’ve stopped with all that business and they have dropped back down. But, it’s not all about stats, or at least it shouldn’t be. Blog like no one is watching.

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