The Anatomical Heart

On Friday the 13th I birthed a new baby blog, The Anatomical Heart.

Whether or not this proves to be a bad omen is yet to be determined.  The Anatomical Heart came to being as a place for me to publish my poetry away from my the brevity of my usual haunt, crying in the bathroom.  Often times, what I wrote about there and what I wanted to publish here just quite simply didn’t gel.  How can I write a post about sexy cat ladies or my penchant for men’s undergarments one minute, then a dark poem about depression and isolation the next.  Sandwiched together would likely solicit some armchair diagnosing calling into question the stability of my mental faculties.

I therefore have decided to divide and conquer, as it were.  I’ll still publish content in both spaces, but at least now there will be some sort of divide between the two.

The Anatomical Heart


2 thoughts on “The Anatomical Heart

  1. I was really pleasantly surprised to discover your blog today.
    God, you’re intelligent!
    And your poem found its way to my heart. I do too experience those moments…
    Looking forward to reading more of your flawlessly styled texts.

    • Thank you so much. I read this last night as I was settling in to bed and it made me very happy. I never know how anyone will react to my writing, but putting out there as so far been a positive thing.

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