Lather, Rinse And Repeat. Always Repeat

If I’d have left it up to your mother, you’d have ended up in a hell-hole like this, just lying around, never working, without a care in your head full of long, luxurious, hippie hair. The Simpsons, ‘D’oh in’ the wind’.

I just spent as long in the shower as a teenage boy. No, I was not fiddling my faddle, rather I was flushing out my follicles.


This, after spending a damn near eighty dollars on products to undo the damage done by the supermarket shampoo and conditioner. Given my current deficit in the job department it seemed prudent to cut back on luxuries, vis-à-vis* expensive hair cleansers and conditioners. Yes, when you buy salon brands it is not Shampoo, its Hair Cleansing Cream – and yes, the capitalization is necessary you follicular philistine! I initially thought I was so savvy for purchasing my supermarket brands, doing the right thing financially and what not, until that is they decided to pillage, plunder and rape their way across my scalp. After one wash I ended up with this sticky, waxy build up that was impenetrable to water. Impenetrable to water is not a good feature in what is essentially a water-soluble hair product.


I’m not precious about my hair. Although the above probably has you begging to differ, but really I’m not. I haven’t had a hair cut in almost 2 years, but I am biting the bullet this Sunday. Trust me, I got enough hairdresser side-eye when I mentioned the last hair cut I had was in 2010, never mind if I show up with some mysterious gunk clogging up my roots, hence the slightly manic hair washing calisthenics I did tonight. Wish me luck for on Sunday my long, luxurious hippie hair shall be no more.
The lying around and never working shall remain intact.
*I just went to Yahoo! Answers to confirm both the spelling and use of this term. It is something that I would have no compunction** dropping into a sentence verbally, but written down I wasn’t so confident. The bottom answer seemed legit.
**Also just did the same thing for the word compunction. I’m on a roll, or is role? Forget it, you decide, I can’t spend all night googling.
Credit where credit is due to NailsBails post The Wild Hairs
I shall join you with the Bald Movement should Sundays haircut go pear shaped.
©cryinginthebathroom 2012

11 thoughts on “Lather, Rinse And Repeat. Always Repeat

  1. Ahhh,you are definitely on a ROLL…I chuckled my way through this entire post!
    Love you for injecting your brand of humor into my net reading 🙂
    I can completely understand the whole hair washing/ crap products/ infrequent hair cuts etc!
    I did the Shave for A Cure for Cancer three years ago, going from below shoulder length curly hair to bald blade one all over. So amazing, along with raising money for the cause…my point is, I have only had ONE haircut in the past three years, as I discovered my hair is bizarrely slow to grow…
    Also, have been using Baby Shampoo on my locks ever since!
    Good luck for Sunday…will be thinking of your follicles fondly,lol. Xxoo

    • Thankyou, and wow! Good on you for doing Shave for a Cure, that’s awesome, were you raising money with someone particular in mind? Feel free to disregard, if that is too personal.

      The last haircut I had was a very short one, I think that it has actually grown quite a lot, can’t wait to get it lopped off. Thankfully all my new lotions and potions did the trick and got rid of the ‘disgustingness’.

      I was feeling pretty miffed at having spent so much, but it has done the job, so I am feeling a bit better about. Every time I use supermarket brands, my hair has a follicular conniption. It’s gotten use to the good stuff.

      I’m sure all will go well Sunday, the girl who recommended the products is doing the cut. Given the products worked I have confidence in her abilities.

  2. Glad you have confidence in the cutter.
    I actually did the Shave for a Cure for my dear friend who developed a rare form of cancer and died the year before I did it. She was 24 and incredible, so it was great to do it in her honour. Managed to raise $8,000 thanks to MANY generous people 🙂
    Hugs to you xoxo

  3. Jenn is awesome 🙂
    Tomorrow is the big day for you!! Good luck! I’m terrified of getting mine cut, have only had a handful of salon cuts in my entire life! Home cuts have always been what I’ve had – or I’ve just let it grow, though in adult life that hasn’t happened all that well. It actually nearly all fell out at one point or I’ve chopped it all off in a fit of temporary insanity (followed by regrets!).
    Hugs and enjoy your new ‘do tomorrow, I’m sure it will be fine 🙂 xx

    • It was fine. It feels so nice now, and the girl (or I should actually say women) was really nice and good at her job. I was just talking tonight to my boyfriend about how I think every girl has cut her own hair at some point. Never with good result. However chopping it off in a fit of insanity is really just a release of manic energy, on the one hand at least it is directed at your hair. Hair grows back, it’s not permanent. Britney’s grew back, after all. How is your hair fairing at the moment? I’m sure it’s had many ups and downs due to ED. But you know, ED are totally about vanity *total sarcasm, if that wasn’t obvious*!

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it and are happy with it! Hair does grow back, but there is nothing like knowing you look good to up your confidence 🙂 It did help me a bit when i chopped it off, every time I was in a position that I had no control over and I guess it was less harmful than self harming but still had the same sort of grrrrrrrrr to it. I was NOT happy the next day, that’s for sure….. whoops…. lol. 😀 the things we do hey?
        My hair is going fairly okay right now. When it fell out, that was so so hard for me because I felt like I’d lost everything else and now my hair too! But now, since I’ve had it cut, it’s healthier than it’s been. Growing so fast I think I need to mow it regularly!!
        Yeah.. I totally want to be all vogue.. hah.. 😉

      • Oh, darling you are vogue!

        Getting all the ratty ends off has made it looked so healthy. I generally don’t do anything with my hair, wash it, then when it’s dry in a pony or bun. Totes vogue…

        Hate the word ‘totes’

      • Haha I hate that word too – and find myself using it! Also gorgeous. I now can not STAND the word gorgeous (and have used it twice in a sentence..) and yet I find it popping up all the time. Shows how we are like sponges to what others around us a saying and doing!

        I’m like you with the hair. I just do NOT know what to do with it. I can’t understand people who spend an hour or so every day with straighteners, I’ve never even owned a hairdryer. But it means that ponytails have been my lifelong go-to style. I was very sick of it when I got it cut short recently, and that was such a change! now it’s getting just that bit too long and I’ve started clipping it back. I forgot how awkward that growing out phrase can be – and still am undecided whether to keep it short or grow it long again.

        I’m glad your hair makes you happy now 🙂 Me, vogue? Hahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha hahaahahahahahahahahah…. 😉 xx

  4. Hair is a very touchy subject for me.

    I’ve lost more than a half of it to my ed. The situation is still very bad, so who ever have any trouble with hair makes me sad and worried.

    Therefore I wish you all the best with your new hair-do tomorrow. I just know it will come out to be fabulous!

    • Thank you for that. I wanted to wait to reply until I had it done. It turned out fine. Not in the least bit stressful. I would be very happy to make this a regular occurrence.

      A women’s hair is so much apart of them, it is not surprising it is devastating when it falls out for whatever reason. In some of the recent photo’s you have posted your hair looked good. It didn’t look thin or anything.

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