Australia, Don’t Be That Person

Australia, don’t be that person.

Don’t be that person who shrugs while saying, “Americans and their gun violence, when will they learn”. Yes, statistics have illustrated an undeniable link between tighter gun control and gun related violence. We only need look to Canada, or indeed in our own backyard to see evidence of this. But Australia, don’t be that person.

Don’t rattle off statistics. Don’t say “only in America”. Don’t shake your head lamenting a life gone wrong.  Don’t vilify all men for this man’s actions; Or all Americans for that matter. Our hands are not clean. We are not so superior; that, with a snort of derision, we can dismiss 12 deaths. No one is, don’t be that person.

Going to school, a club, the movies, an airport, a restaurant, should not and never be part of a calculating the risk for enduring violence.  Victim blaming is endemic in our society.  It spreads itself lasciviously, masking the true issues, while both denying and making light of one’s pain and suffering, all under the guise of “they should have known better”.  If you say this is the world we live in, I say you’re part of the problem.  While you may never feel the cold trigger give under the pressure of your own hand, you will always have the blood stain of innocents etched into your palms.  You can’t wash this away with your dismissals, as surely as you can’t hide behind your malformed opinions.

If you dare say, “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, I may never be able to stop screaming.  If your ‘opinion’ of 12 senseless murders is to critique America’s domestic policy, you are wrong. You missed the point. You didn’t see it. I don’t know how, the world media didn’t exactly bury the lead on this one.  Twelve people were murdered; fifty people were attempted to be murdered. Why? Because they had the gall, the nerve, the cheek to think they could see a movie in a country with lax gun control? That is what you are saying when you ruminate on politics instead of people’s lives.

Don’t be that person.

Causes come later. There will be time for postulating and questioning.  Gun control will be addressed; mental health safety nets will be looked at; online presence will be examined all in a bid for this to be the last time. You and I both know it won’t be. There are too many of us, too close together, for there not to exist murderous infighting.  All the laws, policies and standard for social conduct won’t change that. Where there’s a will there’s a way. For now, though, remember the victims, hug your loved ones, and stand in defiance of violence saying “this is not okay!”  Don’t sweep these people under the rug, to the annals of Wikipedia lists on public massacres.

Don’t be that person.

Because right now Australia, you are being that person, and it makes me fucking sick.


7 thoughts on “Australia, Don’t Be That Person

  1. There’s no shortage of people turning the need to make sense of the insensible by blaming and scapegoating here in the States, as well.

    And it’s true, the causes behind the violent culture in the US is incredibly complex, and hard to name. Anyone who says, “Well, it’s al because of _____, which just HAPPENS to be a pet cause of mine!” is being opportunistic, foolish and cruel.

    • Ugh, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m sure there is no shortage of people in the US doing the same. I think the issue I had in the Australian papers and Facebook was the superiority that was undercurrent to everything that was said. Like we have no problems here as well. Apparently, we have all the answers here, if only you damn yanks would listen. *coughs ‘bullshit’*

  2. I agree.
    There is a time and place for recriminations and ‘if only we had or had not …’ and right now, it’s not that time. It’s time to comfort, to support, and to remember those who lost their lives.

    • Exactly right, it’s not the time. I like the little post you did, simple, sympathetic, to the point. You weren’t one of those people pushing an agenda, just offering your condolences – which is exactly all that is needed at the moment.

      • Thank you. I can’t get my head around things like this happening. Any of them – the shootings, 9/11, wars, all the bad things. And yet, they happen 😦

      • I have been trying to avoid the news a bit since this happened. I cannot stand his face. His eye’s. Just gives me the shivers. I saw this thing on Jezebel that some women have been tweeting how hot he is! Perhaps, if he were walking down the street I wouldn’t give him a second thought. But knowing what he has done just shakes me to my bones.

      • I was avoiding it too. But sadly we can’t forever, it’s all over the media. He gives me the creeps too. I read a site this morning that described him as a true psychopath and why and they were spot on.
        I can’t believe people finding him hot, he’s so not. Hot mess, maybe. Must be the same women who fall in love with people on death row. Don’t they ever wonder why they are attracted to men who would probably kill them if they were free? It reminds me of when I was always attracting predators. But I didn’t go seeking them.
        This makes me think of 9/11 all over again. That shook me to my core (and the rest of the world too).
        Sometimes .. a lot of the time, I don’t blame anyone for being so scared they just never go anywhere again,and even staying home, we can’t be sure we are safe 😦

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