My Meeting With Blogging HR

Well, let’s see what we have here.  Sorry for the mess.  Please, take a seat, let me just get those papers out of your way.  Ah, okay, so I bought you in today to discuss, err, crying in the bathroom; is it?  Well, to put it frankly, you haven’t really been performing as we expected you to Miss.  In your interview you said you were keen to write at least somewhat regularly, now we aren’t so unreasonably that we don’t understand that things crop up from time to time, but you haven’t been in touch at all.  Not once since, um, September…

August, actually.

August!  My gosh, well it’s taken a long time for you to get in here hasn’t it.  Well, let me start out by saying that the purpose of this meeting is to find out what we can do to get things rolling again.  Is there anything you need from us, any support you need, or something you feel needs to be changed…

Well, um, not really.  You guys do a great job, and I didn’t have a problem exactly, it sort of just, I don’t know, got out of hand I guess.  I didn’t know this was going to happen; it just sort of got away from me.

Riiiiight, so where do we stand?  Should we think about, perhaps, shutting…

I’ll start writing again.

Good, good.  That’s what we aim to see.  Well.  What are you waiting for, get to it…  Oh, and if you could put that to me an email, that would be super.



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4 thoughts on “My Meeting With Blogging HR

  1. Oh, man, Blogging HR keeps having this little “chat” with me, too. Blah. tell them you need a raise! And an assistant! And a hottie to feed you grapes and fan you when you need inspiration. That’s my current list of demands, ‘tho I doubt the bastards will give in…

  2. Um, if you were supposed to be blogging, then why didn’t you? Spending too much time on other sites? At 27, I was much more productive. Just curious, love?

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head there. For a 27 year old I am not what most people would call productive. But I think everyone has to draw their own line in the sand on that one. At the moment my focus is my mental health. So far things have been very slowly getting progressively better and I am adding more things to my plate. I love blogging and reading blogs, but since losing my job my life has a pretty narrow scope so I don’t have as many interesting things to write about. But that will slowly change as I get my life and career back on track. The more I am out in the world translates to me having more to say about the world.

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