There Are Scarier Things In The World Than Murderers

Ugh, Halloween.

OK, so – Halloween you say. Well, it’s not really a thing in Australia, some retailers are trying to suggest it in a ‘just the tip, just to see how it feels’ sort of way, but it’s not really taken off. To be honest if Halloween hasn’t grown some legs by now then I doubt it ever will. Besides, spring isn’t exactly a spooky time of year.  Shit, I mean it doesn’t even get dark till like 8.30pm.

Nevertheless, we’re talking about Halloween. The subject has come up among friends, the conversation tends to go:
“So Halloween is this week”,
“sure is”,
“what day?”
“wednes (checking phone) day. Wednesday”,
“I ain’t opening my door for any punk ass kids”.

Yeah, OK, boring conversation aside, this is pretty much what has transpired between and multiple people. And no, I’m not opening my door Wednesday night, and you can go straight to hell for even suggesting I share my candy…The nerve!

One conversation I had didn’t quite follow its usual flight plan. Alright, so it started off the same – Halloween, yup, what day, checks phone (can’t remember it’s Wednesday each and every time ho), Wednesday, ain’t no kids stealing my skittles – and so it goes. But instead of just veering off the cliff into the dead-end conversation wasteland, it instead took a turn…

“So, will you be scared?”
“Halloween; you’ll be alone won’t you?”
“Scary stuff happens on Halloween”,
“Such as?”
“I don’t know, scary stuff, wasn’t that what ‘Scream’ was about, or something”,
“Who was behind that mask? And why did he kill everyone; that seems kind of important.”

Yes, my friend was correct; I will indeed be alone on Halloween.  Am I scared – no.  There are way scarier things in the world than an arbitrary day celebrated in another country.  I mean, let’s use the ‘Scream’ example.  As I recall he likes to call people to freak ‘em out a bit before he slices and dices.  Well that’s not going to work if bitches like me don’t answer their phone.  I mean he could text perhaps, or even write on my Facebook wall, Twitter is probably out as I don’t check that too regularly – point is that he will have a hard time doing the initial set up if I am not willing to play ball.

So I guess he could skip that part.  Too bad really; that is the bit that gets the heart pumping.  Anyway, the scream mask guy is nothing if not resourceful so I am sure he will bounce back. So I guess he just has to break-in.  Now, I can’t really give details of how he would accomplish this as I have yet to find a way to do this myself.  I get locked out a LOT and there is just no way to get in without smashing some windows.  I’ll be honest, I don’t care for the window smashing if you are going to murder someone – it has no finesse.  Its fine if your just wanting to rob and vandalise the home, but not for serial murder.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just traditional that way.  So he is in.  Spooky – or it would be.  He finds me sitting at my kitchen table covered in piles of papers.  Gesturing opposite me I ask him to have a seat.  Of course he doesn’t sit, he wants to chase me around for a bit, but I’m having none of that – I won’t run on the treadmill in my garage, I’m not running around for him, simple.  I insist that he sits.  Begrudgingly he takes a seat.

“You like scaring people, don’t you?”

He nods.  Dude doesn’t talk, typical.

“Well let me show you something really scary”,

I turn my laptop to face him, I watch as he studies it for a moment.  I swear I can see him furrow his brow under his mask.  He pushes the computer back and stares at me.

“Scary, yes?”

He nods in agreement.  Of course it’s fucking scary, I just showed him my bank account summaries..

“Look at this then”,

I slide over a pile of papers all of which are more or less identical, except for the escalating number at the bottom of each.

“Yeah, those are notices of demand for my car payments”,

He nods again even though I didn’t ask a question.

“Do you know what these are?”

As I say this I point to another pile of papers.  He shakes his head.

“Well, these are various requests for different medical tests I require.  I can’t afford them so I ignore them.”

He nods again.

“You see, I’m broke.  I’m ignoring creditors and ignoring my health simply because I’m broke.  You see what I’m getting at.  Then you come in here – thank you for not breaking my window by the way – wanting to chase me around and chop me into little pieces?  You can see why I’m not scared can’t you? “

As I was about to launch into a pretty lengthy speech about the economy and employment he had already picked up his scythe and was out the front door.  Annoyed, I get up to make a cup of tea when I see where he was sitting he left me a couple of twenties.


Happy Halloween.


11 thoughts on “There Are Scarier Things In The World Than Murderers

  1. I’m scared now. There was a $20 note in my letter box this afternoon that turned out to be pretend, it had an ad for something on the other side. Maybe…

    Bills are a lot scarier I think. Real life can be hard! I’m sorry you are struggling. You aren’t alone xx

    • I hate those fake money ads! Damn lies!

      When I saw you were reading ghost stories I thought to myself, ‘as if Fiona’s life can’t kick a ghost stories butt!’ Life can be hard and scary, but its has ups and downs. Like right now, my cat Leo is trying to drink out my water glass and its adorable. It makes the hard times bearable.

      • it’s so true! Shalimar is so adorable I can’t help but smile whatever is happening.
        Sometimes I think that life spoils ghost stories because they aren’t spooky any more, real life is scarier! But sometimes they are good distraction. I wonder if the previous owner of my flat’s cat, whose collar I dug up in my little garden…… (eeek)…. haunts this place??
        sorry just gotta go check all my doors and windows hahah xxx

      • The last place I lived in was owned by an old lady with with advanced dementia who owned a TON of cats. Ok, a crazy cat lady – but I was trying to avoid saying that. Anyway my cat who we got when we lived there acted totally different when we moved here. She used to be really sedate and quiet. I thought because she was old. Then we moved and she was suddenly so playful. Was it cat ghosts? Who knows.

      • I hope that they see things we can’t, that would explain the random meowing at walls.

        I found out about the lady when I spoke to some council workers in the street. They had to clean up after she died. Apparently she had like 30 cats, this was a tiny inner city terrace house too. Then my landlord bought it and fixed it up/renovated. I would never have known about it otherwise. Literally as soon as I opened up the cage in our new place she way buoyant. So who knows how her tiny cat brain works.

      • That is just WOW!!!!!!! And imagine having 30 cat friends to play with, sounds like they are all happy ghosts though or your cat wouldn’t be happy 🙂

  2. you’d be surprised about how popular halloween is. should have seen the amount of people in dollar shops in about the week before halloween in the eastern subs of sydney – kids and adults – buying costumes, decorations etc.

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