Why I’m Not A Nurse

Are you ok? Do you need anything? How do you feel? Is it your stomach? Your head? Are you nauseaus? Do you want some water? What about ice water? Perhaps some Hydralyte? Have you eaten anything? When did you last eat something? Do you want some dry toast? What about some crackers? Maybe a lolly to suck on? Are you too hot? Too cold? Do you want some blankets? Maybe a fan? Is the cat annoying you? Do you want more cats? Or maybe a different cat? You have a headache; do you want a Panadol? Some water? What about iced water? When did you last drink something? Can I get you a cold compress? A warm compress? A room temperature compress? Here’s the drink you wanted. Drink it anyway. Is there anything you want? Please let me bring you something. Anything. I must bring you something; it will make me feel better.


5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not A Nurse

  1. Ah, you care TOO much 🙂
    How about ED nursing?
    Sit down! Stop moving! Get out of that toilet! No you can’t go for a walk! No you can’t have salad instead! No you can’t have a drink! I want your pee! Get out of bed right now! Stop throwing a tantrum! If you don’t eat/drink this I will tube you! blablabla lol.
    Sorry I make it sound like Nurse Ratchet! But actually, most of them are angels in disguise who seem to hit the right measure between caring and compassion and firmly policing behaviours. Without strangling their charges of course 🙂
    Sorry this wasn’t even very funny of me, but you make me laugh. Hope you are having a good night, I’m off to bed (as I hope you are because it’s an hour later wherever you are!! xxx

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