Blog Stats: How Do I Loathe Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

I loathe the to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

Now with 100% more country stats!  Oh, can I please have more ways to confirm that no one is reading?  Please, my ego isn’t fragile enough, but I definitely need more ways to categorize the handful of people reading this drivel.  I loathe blog stats.  Despise them, yet I am addicted to refreshing that page.  I’m undoubtedly admitting a habit that many bloggers share.  I am obsessed with watching that little graph.  When I post something I become a women possessed.  I will constantly be refreshing my WordPress iPhone app to see when people read it.  If that number moves, I then immediately check my email to see if any other bloggers ‘like’ my post – or better yet, comment!

My views are never enough for me.  No matter how ‘clicks’ I get per day, which isn’t many, it is never enough.  I’m never satisfied.  I wouldn’t go as far to say it ruins my day, but since I started blogging it is constantly on my mind.  It is probably safe to assume that when you log on your computer for the first time that day you have a little routine of internet-y places you visit.  Everyone’s is slightly different, but mine used to go Facebook, Email, Get Off My Internets, then finally Daily Mail (It pains me a little to list this one, especially given my degree in journalism).  Since I started blogging however my first stop is now the WordPress stats page, which I will generally leave open in order refresh with alarming frequency.

Since I have a little time on my hands lately (READ: unemployed) I decided to sit down and try and maximize my page views.  WordPress actually have a section with tips to increase your readership.  Obviously, social networking is a big part of that, so I spent sometime creating a Facebook page and Tumblr account.  Commenting and liking other blogs is also recommended, but to be honest I barely have enough time to comment on the blogs I already follow let alone trying to add more for ‘clicks’ sake.  I also started posting to Reddit and StumbleUpon.  This gave my page views a major boost.  You’d think I’d be happy, or at least happier.  You would be wrong.

I got what I wanted but it was a hollow victory.

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