Good gravy there’s a plethora of angst-y, whiny, bitchy blogs of quasi-adults clogging up the information super-highway out there, and goddammit I’m adding to the noise.

Speaking of the information super-highway, have you noticed that since the internet basically became shopping and porn people have stopped using that turn of phrase.  It should be, ‘the internet; less information, more about eBay and DP-ing’.  As such, I shan’t be providing any information either, just my problems of transitioning into a life of being a fully fledged, paid up member of the adultocracy.

You might assume that I am a teenager – on the cusp of diving into the world fresh out of adolescence.  You would be wrong.  I’m 26, no, 28 (and I still haven’t got this shit figured out) and in no way would I, or anyone I know for that matter, consider myself grown up.  Sure I may have a drivers license, the ability to vote, drink, or borrow money, but mentally I’d peg myself roughly around 13 or 14 years old.

I’ve yet to read someone’s blog bio that didn’t have me gagging – it’s not their fault; like a resume, it is hard to write something that highlights your attributes while at the same time not sounding like a completely arrogant twat.  Recently I’ve noticed a trend of over the top sardonic grandeur in a bid to conceal a persons true biography, this is the written equivalent of yelling all the information at someone until they look away. I don’t know, perhaps it is impossible to remain truly self effacing when trying to describe yourself with the typed word.

I don’t think I am alone in this perpetual adolescence.  I think a lot of 20-somethings (or dare I say, 30-somethings) are living this Peter Pan type existence.  If your OK with that, fine; I’m not.  In short, I’m sick of being an asshole. I’ve been bungling around trying to figure it out on my own for long enough.  Time to move the forum out of my head and on to the internet.

This is my dumb face, you can call me K.  I am cheery as fuck.

This is my dumb face, you can call me K. I am cheery as fuck.



5 thoughts on “WHO?

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and like it. Nuts as this may sound, I have a blog challenge for you. I’d like to email you to explain, but it won’t go through. Is there any other to contact you?




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